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WARNING! Though the LSCGG death certificate database currently holds 37,470 records,
some of the records are DATED AFTER 19 Dec 1922 and ARE NOT AVAILABLE from the LSCGG
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Marriage Records to 1925

Before 1878, most marriage records consist of three parts: (1) a cover sheet, (2) marriage license and (3) an affidavit. Records before 1878 would NOT have included the parent(s) of the groom and bride UNLESS either one was not of age at the time of wedding. One parent typically signed the affidavit when that child was still a minor at the time of the marriage. From 1878 to 1925, most marriage records consist of four parts: the same three parts as before 1878 as well as a "return of marriage." When the "Return" was completed by the County Clerk, it included names of the bride and groom as well as their fathers and the maiden names of their mothers. Completed "returns" also indicated the place of birth of the wedding couple, their place of residency at the time of the marriage, and the occupation of the groom. Finally, a completed "return" gave details as to where and when the wedding occurred as well as any witnesses to the wedding. Occasionally, the County Clerk failed to complete the "return." LSCGG marriage database currently holds 52,367 records.

Death Certificates to 19 DEC 1922

Before 1910, county records for deaths were listed in a "register of deaths" or on a certificate. Either type before 1910 typically provided the name of the deceased, when he/she died, and where she/he died. Sometimes the age of the deceased is indicated. Names of parents of the deceased were NOT provided in the documents before 1910. The listing of names of the parents of the deceased was begun in a rather haphazard fashion in 1910. If a death occurred from 1917 or after, the likely hood of the parents' names being listed is greater. In addition to such information as was provided before 1910, certificates after 1916 also indicated the length of time the deceased had been in the United States if that individual had not been a native born American. Finally, these later certificates listed a cause of death. LSCGG death certificate database currently holds 37,470 records, some of which are later than 19 Dec 1922 and ARE NOT available from the LSCGG.

Newspaper Obituaries through December 1930

Regardless of the time period, information in an obituary usually lists the name of the deceased and where he/she was when he/she died. Please be cautioned that "obituaries" from the time period before 1920 were, in too many cases, nothing more than a simple death notice. Do NOT expect to be able to confirm family relationships from such "death notices."

Many obituaries also list the age of the deceased at the time of death. Some obituaries list the family survivors. Fewer obituaries list the names of the parents of the deceased, the date of birth of the deceased, where the deceased was born, and where the deceased was buried. Some obituaries had "follow-ups" which typically added information about the pallbearers and family members in attendance at the funeral. LSCGG obituary database currently holds 31,526 records.

Probate Records on File

Documents contained in a probate vary from estate to estate. Typically a probate will indicate, in some type of document, who were the heirs of the estate. Many probates contain records of the outstanding debts against the estate of the deceased, affidavits for the administrator of the estate, a signed will of the deceased, a "proof of heirship" document, and some type of document that lists the size of the estate allowed each identified heir (and sometimes the current addresses of those heirs). The types of documents contained in probates of all time periods is not fixed or standardized; however, a "proof of heirship" is more likely to be found in probates starting in the late nineteenth century.

LSCGG probate database currently holds 39,271 records. Please note that some of the records in this database are of types other than probate. Also included in this record set are Conservatorships (CONS), Guardianships (GDN), and Inheritance Tax Files (ITAX=Inheritance Tax File and ITAX/W=Inheritance Tax File with Will). If the set of records returned for your search shows a "blank" field for TYPE, than that record is a Probate.

Family Burials in La Salle County

The LSCGG currently maintains a county-wide index of burials (currently recording over 160,000 separate burials) at our office location. At this time, there are no plans to place our cemetery database online. However, if you wish to email a "family-group" request to the LSCGG, our office staff will be able to return-email a PDF copy of any burials in La Salle County that match your requested family-group. To make a request for a family-group search of the La Salle County cemeteries, begin your email request by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to include in the body of your email the names of your family-group (examples include husband and wife, parent and child, sibling pair, etc.) for which you would like a search performed. Please limit your request to one family-group (with spelling variations) per email. At this time (March 2009), there is no charge for this service. Donations are welcomed.